Frequently Asked Questions

Balloon Bouquet FAQ's

  • How long do your bespoke balloon bouquets last?

    Our amazing balloon bouquets are created with hifloat treatment to increase longevity, so you can be certain that with proper care, your delivery will last between three and seven days or even longer. If care is taken to keep the bouquet away from sunlight and heat (and playful child-sized hands), it’s not unusual for some bouquets to last a month or longer! Instructions come with each bouquet. If you’d like a super lasting bouquet, ask for one of our air-filled designs.

    We use only the very best quality balloons to ensure that they last longer and the colours are spectacular!

  • How and when do I make payment?

    Payments can be made via credit card on the phone.

    Unless we have approved other arrangements, payments should be made before your event or delivery. Sorry, we do not accept personal cheques.

  • What do I need to know about orders being delivered?

    Deliveries are usually made between 11am and 6pm Monday to Sunday (please call us if you need a specific time and we’ll aim to accommodate). 

    Same day delivery is available- call us on 0403226280 by 10am to place a same day order.

    We accept no responsibility for the deterioration of balloon goods left unattended due to no-one being available to accept the delivery and we will let you know if we have to leave the bouquet, bagged and secured. A recall fee of $20 will be charged if you would rather us re-deliver.

  • May I pick up my order?

    To ensure a bouquet arrives at its destination safely and intact, we prefer to deliver our orders however pick up is available in Terrigal. Call us on 0403 226 280 to make this arrangement.

  • Are there any safety concerns?

    We recommend that children are supervised with balloons, and broken pieces are immediately discarded. Sucking helium is dangerous and can kill- so please do not suck helium from balloons, ever! Balloons are good fun, but they are not good for our pets or wildlife. Keeping balloons away from pets and quickly disposing of deflated balloons will keep tame and wild animals from choking on or ingesting them. All of our balloons are professional grade latex and foil balloons. If in doubt with a latex allergy, we recommend a foil balloon bouquet.

Balloon Decor FAQ's

  • Do you carry liability insurance?

    We are insured and can provide proof of business liability insurance upon request. We will treat your home, your guests, and your party location with the utmost respect and provide a professional service. We assume no responsibility or liability for accidents or damage caused by party guests.

    Returns policy: Balloons That Rock will cheerfully cancel any order and refund in full any gift bouquet payments provided it is cancelled by 9am the day before the delivery date requested. Décor booking fees and payments are only refundable with 7 days’ written notice of cancellation. In the unlikely event that you are not fully satisfied with your balloons after the delivery is made, we will happily investigate the matter and refund in full or part if deemed appropriate.